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May 12, 1998

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PC Magazine Trends in 3D for the Web

Computers that Think, Machines that Feel
(Full Text - was Online only - no longer available)
By Erick Von Schweber

Products/Theories Discussed in Computers that Think, Machines that Feel

Desert Survival
Conscious Mattie
Sarfatti's Q-Chip

Toward a Science of Consciousness: Tucson III

Post-quantum computing and computer consciousness are the subjects of a biannual research conference.

Will consciousness arise if you put enough quantum physicists, neurosurgeons, parapsychologists, philosophers, neurophysiologists, and artificial-intelligence (AI) researchers together in one place for a week and turn up the heat? That's the question put to the test every two years at the "Toward a Science of Consciousness" conference, sponsored by the University of Arizona.

A working session of Jack Sarfatti (far left)
with Dick Bierman, Dean Radin, Russell Targ,
and Erick Von Schweber (far right).


By Linda Von Schweber
& Erick Von Schweber

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